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TMNT Cowabunga Dreamcast Collection

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The TMNT Cowabunga Collection for Sega Dreamcast is a labor of love and gift for the Dreamcast community brought to you by Ian Micheal, IMR Technology and his artist partner, Adam Burrell, aka Enfilade. Hundreds of hours were spent testing, coding, and creating content so you can have the most comprehensive TMNT collection available for the Dreamcast. Please know, with any homebrew project there could be a few bugs.

The Dreamcast version of the TMNT collection is jam packed with features.

- VHS section! Go back to the early 90's and enjoy full music videos and other FMV clips on your Sega Dreamcast. Including the full length episode that started it all: Turtle Tracks!

- 11 TMNT GAMES: We have each TMNT retail release for NES, SNES, GB and Genesis/Mega Drive. All of these games have been upgraded to run their best on the Sega Dreamcast. Never have these games run so well, especially on the SNES TMNT TURTLES IN TIME. You will only find this upgrade here! We are talking awesome sound and 60fps!

- BONUS GAMES: The Cowabunga collection also features some fun TMNT rom hacks released by the rom hacking community. These games are not included in the official cowabunga collection. Also Dreambor TMNT REMIX AND SPECTRUM GAMES WITH CDDA MUSIC!!

- INFORMATION MENU: Feeling lost or stuck? Not sure how an emulator works? Push Y on the loading screen to view helpful information pertaining to the emulator you are using and the game you are playing! Only available for the 11 main tmnt games.

FULL SOUNDTRACKS: The cowabunga collection for Sega Dreamcast features the entire soundtracks for all 11 main games featured in the collection. If you sit back and relax on each individual game's loading screen, you can enjoy the entire soundtrack for that game! The soundtracks also play throughout the main menu while selecting games.

VMU ICONS: The experience wouldn't be complete on the Dreamcast without VMU icons, and this is one of the first indie releases to feature an entire collection of icons. Each individual game has its own icon, and vmu icons throughout the menu. Make sure to look down at your vmu in all of its pixelated glory!

- GDROM/GDEMU Compatibility: Enjoy playing the Cowabunga Collection from a cdi image burned to disc, or running from your GDEMU!

- PUSHING THE LIMITS: This is the first indie homebrew game to feature a fmv texture, animated loading screens, full GUI return to menu, and a sub menu! You will need real hardware for this one.

- NO EMULATORS: Sorry, you will need to own real Dreamcast hardware to enjoy this release! Emulators were very unstable and buggy with this release upon testing. The cowabunga collection is pushing limits that not all emulators can handle. So the decision was made to not run this collection on emulators.

If you enjoy this release, and want to see more like it, please consider subscribing to Ian Micheals patreon. The patreon page helps fund these projects!

NOTE: This game requires a VMU to play! All Dreamcast reproduction games include a full manual, and region free disc. NOT ALL Dreamcast systems can play CD reproductions, your Dreamcast must have been manufactured before October 2000, Dreamcasts manufactured November 2000 or later most likely can not play reproductions, but they are far less common systems. Look for the sticker on the bottom with the date on it, and a number in a circle near the word PAL or NTSC, if the number is 0 or 1 you can play reproductions on your console.

Please check that your console is capable of playing them before purchasing.


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